Industrial Case Study

BYD Auto



Jack Kozakar was introduced to BYD during a competitive bidding process for a stipulated sum contract. BYD had embarked on an ambitions plan to sell electric cars, busses and lighting products in the US market. BYD was enticed to come to Los Angeles by an array of public funds and incentives. Their goals included the construction of their US corporate headquarters including a R&D site, public showroom, and dealer management offices in a 50,000 SF building in Los Angeles. BYD chose a building with excellent sign potential, however it was 100 years old. All the plumbing and electrical had been stripped, it had been unoccupied for 14 years, had several open holes the roof, was partially flooded, and was extremely dilapidated. At bid opening, Jack and his team were the low bid at $3.6 Million and entered into a contract with BYD contingent on reaching BYD’S $2.8 Million budget.


Cost - By utilizing their team of project managers and engineers Cyrcon Builders was able to achieve the project goals by utilizing a variety of strategies including:

* Value engineering 

* Specification adjustments 

* Schedule adjustments 

* Subcontractor buyout savings 

* Vendor negotiations 

Schedule - Jack delivered the project on time allowing BYD’s grand opening to go off without a hitch. 

Quality - Jack and his team built a 12,000 SF mezzanine and matching rooftop equipment platform as a separate structure within the original building. Jack added to the LA skyline, a massive 30 foot tall BYD logo facing the Santa Monica Freeway, the only sign of its kind in Los Angeles. Among other notable accomplishments construction of the customer showroom in a new age art deco style that rivals any 1920s theater. Jack also helped BYD understand and overcome every challenge related to US regulations, and helped get their lighting products UL rated and installed in the project. Jack's greatest success was to merge BYD’s Chinese business culture into a 100-year old American building with amazing success.


Success Metrics

Initial Project Value $3,500,000

Additional Value Returned to Client

Value Engineering - $325,000

Negotiations -   $375,000

Initial Project Schedule

Additional Value Returned to Client

Time Saved - 8 Weeks 

Schedule Savings - $80,00


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