Industrial Case Study

Cavotec INET



Cavotec INET manufactures, and distributes internationally, fixtures and equipment servicing the aviation, marine, and mining industries. Recently, Cavotec purchased the specialty equipment manufacturers – Dabico (Costa Mesa, CA) and INET (Fullerton, CA). Cavotec sought to leverage operational efficiencies by consolidating their Costa Mesa and Fullerton facilities into a single, larger facility in Cypress, CA. They chose Jack Kozakar as their 3rd party project manager and gave him only 7 months to complete: due diligence, lease negotiation support, planning, permitting, construction, furniture planning, new equipment planning, equipment refurbishment, UL certification coordination, and move management. 


Cost – Jack reduced Cavotec’s project costs by a whopping 46%, employing the following strategies:

* Factory Planning – detailed planning of all requirements. 

* Due Diligence – analysis of real estate and requirements for construction. 

* Negotiations – major upgrades by the landlord. 

* Value Engineering – scope and specification adjustments. 

* Aggressive bidding for design and construction 

* Integration of environmental testing and clean up  

* Use of design-build strategies where possible 

* Contract negotiations 

* Fast tracking planning and permits 

* In house furniture planning 

Schedule – Jack saved Cavotec 4 months of project time by using the following strategies: high level coordination with city officials, proper team formation, proper project delivery approach, design build engineering where possible, tight management of project team. 

Quality – Jack helped Cavotec improve all elements of their production, increase efficiency, decrease safety issues, as well as improving quality by working with Cavotec’s management to eliminate antiquated manufacturing techniques, get rid of worthless materials and equipment, design/build custom testing facilities, and create a flexible factory environment perfect for Cavotec's diverse products.


Success Metrics

Initial Project Value $ 2,788,173

Additional Value Returned to Client

All Strategies - $ 1,930,300

Time Saved -   4 months


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