Commercial Office Case Study

CCI, Inc.



Jack Kozakar was introduced to CCI during a contractor interview process for a stipulated sum contract. CCI had recently purchased this unique one of a kind building which at one time housed a famous landscape architecture firm, and had been dormant for four years. The project plan included converting a trellised yard into parking, installing new parking lot access from the street, restoring the beauty of the modern building and site, and gutting and rebuilding the interiors that had been modified for specialty medical space. Jack and the Architect Max Williams were hand chosen to take on the challenges of this project and to achieve the clients goals while being sensitive to the client’s budgetary concerns. In addition, Jack’s team of skilled project managers and subcontractors worked together to design build the Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing systems throughout the building. 


Cost - By utilizing their team of project managers and engineers Jack was able to achieve the project goals by reducing project costs by 15%. We employed the following strategies:

* Value engineering 

* Specification adjustments 

* Schedule adjustments 

* Subcontractor buyout savings 

* Vendor negotiations 

* Teaming with the Owner’s Management Team and Architect 

* Bringing Engineering in house where possible 

Schedule - Jack delivered the project on time allowing CCI to move into their new office without having to pay any holdover rent. Jack was able to maintain the schedule by maintaining excellent relationships with the residential neighborhood.

Quality - Jack was able to restore the original building’s modern style while repurposing the building for uses never imagined when it was constructed soon after WWII. Among other successes, we were able to incorporate the original fireplace into the space. The project was a huge success and the client was extremely satisfied.


Success Metrics

Initial Project Value $ 800,000

Additional Value Returned to Client

All Strategies - $ 150,000

Additional Value Returned to Client

Time Saved - 2 Weeks 

Hold Over Rent Avoided - $ 30,000


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