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Jack Kozakar was introduced to Gateways during a competitive bidding process for a stipulated sum contract. Gateways Hospital, a non-profit organization, assembled funding from private donations, foundations and grants which made the construction budget extremely tight and strictly enforced. Jack and team won the 2.7 Million bid and entered into a contract with Gateways, contingent on reaching Gateway’s budget of $2.2 Million. A key part of the project was to achieve the required parking requirement by construction of a lot line to lot line subterranean basement. Jack worked with the architect and engineer to develop a variety of shoring strategies to meet the challenge. Prior to the project, Gateways Hospital had spent years developing better relations with the community, and consequently Jack and team were tasked with maintaining good neighbor relations in this very dense and diverse part of Los Angeles. 


Cost - By utilizing their team of project managers and engineers we were able to achieve the project goals by utilizing a variety of strategies including:

* Value engineering 

* Specification adjustments 

* Schedule adjustments 

* Subcontractor buyout savings 

* Vendor negotiations 

Schedule – The project was built during the rainy season, and in one of the wettest years ever. Adding to the frustration was a particularly dense clay like earth under the project the prevented any rain water from percolating into the soil. The project also suffered from funding hiccups that caused it to be shut down for 3 months. In spire of these delays totaling over 4 months, The project was delivered on time and was able to achieve Gateway’s opening date. 

Quality – Jack and team were able to re-specify the exterior finishes, roof materials, interior finishes, support the team in redesigning the basement, driveway and planters; and deliver the project so that it exactly matched the architectural renderings, and exceeded all warrantee requirements. The project was testimony of good things that can happen with strong owner-contractor relationships. 


Success Metrics

Initial Project Value $2,700,000

Additional Value Returned to Client

Value Engineering - $200,000

Negotiations -   $300,000

Initial Project Schedule

Additional Value Returned to Client

Time Saved - 4 Weeks 

Schedule Savings - $40,000


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