Industrial Case Study

Lisi Aerospace - Hi Shear Division



Lisi Aerospace spent 3 years working with internal staff to consider and budget a new plating line building to support their high-end aerospace fastener manufacturing business. Lisi has plants around the world, and inherited a collection of buildings over 50 years old, owned by the City of Torrance, adjacent to the Torrance Airport when they purchased Hi Shear. Internal staff was not able to consider all the elements of master planning or get equivalent cost estimates for accomplishable construction elements. 


Jack Kozakar assembled a team of experts to review the mountain of paperwork that Lisi had accumulated in their years of planning, and reduced that mountain to a concise scope, site master plan, alternative master plan and RFP requirements. Jack helped select the right General Contractor, the right GMP/design-build delivery methodology and negotiated a contract that satisfied Lisi’s needs for tight controls on Budget and Quality. Among the subprojects that emerged: process planning, raw materials planning, ideal factory flow analysis, complete facility electrical service and primary distribution upgrade, parking lot upgrades, site security upgrades, various phasing plans, and various safety upgrades. 


- Savings of over $5 million from original plan.  

- Additional savings of over $1 million after contractor selection. 

- Savings of over $300,000 through avoidance of schedule and cost delays related   to contaminated soils. 

- Savings of over $350,000 through equipment purchase management.

- Reduction of over $400,000 in construction costs, during construction.  

- Creation of world-wide reporting system, allowing executives around the world   to track the financial and operational aspects of the project. 

- Coordination with government authorities, including: the Federal Aviation   Administration, City of Torrance, Sanitation District of LA County, State Water   Control Board, LA County FD, and State Air Quality Management District. •Achievement of about 22 times our fees in saving during the course of the job   though a process of analysis, bidding, negotiating, and management.   


Success Metrics

Project Value   $ 12,000,000

Additional Value Returned to Client

All Strategies - $ 7,050,000


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