Commercial & Retail Case Study

Time Warner Cable



Time Warner Cable struggled for years with inadequate space to accommodate its operations in the San Fernando Valley before selecting Jack Kozakar to manage the development of a 70,000 sf building and associated storage and training yards. The project consolidated operations from 5 previously leased facilities and satisfied TWC’s needs for Call Center, Sales, Service Crews, Construction Crews, Retail Store, Rental Equipment Distribution, Regional Warehousing & Equipment Storage, Regional Training, Field Technician Training, Board Rooms, and Administrative and Executive spaces


Cost – Completed project ahead of schedule and below budget, saving TWC over $2.5 Million.

- Schedule compression. 

- Contract negotiations. 

- Value engineering. 

- Hold over rent avoidance. 

- Occupancy negotiations. 

- Reuse of used equipment. 

Schedule – Jack saved Time Warner Cable over two months of time, allowing them to move in prior to lease termination at several of the sites they were consolidating from.

Quality – All 21 department heads who took possession of the multi function building (executive office, regular office, call center, training centers, warehouse, back up power, call center and cable hub infrastructure, off site improvements, neighborhood improvements, etc.) were absolutely thrilled with the project. 

Success Metrics

Initial Project Value $ 14,470,000

Additional Value Returned to Client

All Strategies - $ 2,516,000

Time Saved -  4 months

Use of adjacent city property for training 

Use of adjacent city property for storage

Improved relations with neighborhood


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